Djevojka objavila šokantnu snimku nakon konzumiranja pića u koje su joj ubacili drogu

Djevojka objavila šokantnu snimku nakon konzumiranja pića u koje su joj ubacili drogu
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Svojom snimkom želi upozoriti mlade koji odlaze na taj festival!

Loren Collins (22) je uvjerena da joj je muškarac, koji ju je na muzičkom festivalu “Festival Republic” u engleskom Leedsu pitao za upaljač da upali cigaretu, ubacio drogu u piće.

Odlučila je progovoriti o svom iskustvu kako bi upozorila sve koji ovog vikenda idu na taj popularni festival. Ova mlada Britanka je objavila šokantnu snimku nakon konzumiranja pića u koje je, prema njenim riječima, ubačena droga. Kaže da je zamalo umrla. Uhvatio ju je napad povraćanja, grčeva i gušenja.


To se dogodilo na festivalu na kojem je bila prošle godine. Sada želi upozoriti sve da paze na svoja pića i čuvaju svoje prijatelje.

Loreninu agoniju je snimio je njen zaručnik, a sada suprug Adam (25).

“Stajala sam pored toaleta i čekala zaručnika da izađe. Odjednom me jedan muškarac pitao imam li upaljač. Krenula sam ga potražiti u torbi i to je jedini trenutak kad sam svoje piće izgubila iz vida. Sljedeće čega se sjećam je buđenje u 6 sati idućeg jutra. Nisam se sjećala ničega što se u međuvremenu dogodilo”, ispričala je.

Kada je popila piće, odmah joj je pozlilo. Dvaput se onesvjestila, a Adam je uz pomoć poznavanja prve pomoći spriječio da se uguši u vlastitoj povraćotini.


This video isn't pretty and actually quite embarrassing but I'm posting it to spread awareness. Last night whilst at Leeds festival around 9pm my drink was spiked. I wasn't stupidly drunk as I'm careful and pace myself so I don't end up putting my self in danger. I believe it happened when I was waiting for my partner outside the toilets, someone distracted me and asked for a lighter and must've slipped the substance (which I believe to be ketamine) in my drink when I wasn't looking. All I remember then is going through the arena gates to go back to my tent. After that my mind is blank and my partner has told me the details, He had to carry me back to the tent as I couldn't walk and just kept falling over. Once back at the tent my eyes kept rolling into the back of my head, I lost continence (urinated myself), lost control of my jaw and tongue, started vomiting white frothy bile- I then went on to lose consciousness several times, this lead me to choke on my own vomit and stop breathing a couple of times I was unable to stay in the recovery position as I was convulsing so hard. I was being verbally abusive to my partner who was trying his hardest to help me (so I urge other people out there if god forbid that happens to anyone you know to just be patient with them and do not leave them as this is a matter of life or death). This was going on for around 2 hours and if it wasn't for my wonderful fiancé supporting me and having first aid training I might not of been writing this today. Drugs are not a game, there is a reason that they are illegal and spiking drinks is cowardly and absolutely not funny- if this had happened to someone with any sort of illness it could of been a lot worse. I do understand that people want to experiment in there life's but PLEASE do your research, know your limits, test your drugs and make sure those around you know how to look after you in case of things like this and DO NOT give drugs to anyone against their will or acknowledgement. Life is not a game!Please share this for awareness!!!! #leedsfestival #drugawareness #frank #staysafeEdit: Once again can EVERYONE please share this and tell everyone you know to share it and so on. This isn't a sympathy trip, I'm petrified of what could've happened. YES, the ideal would of been to get a medic but Adam did not wanna leave my side, not even for a second because if he did, I could've choked on my own vomit , i could've somehow managed to get out of the tent and ended up anywhere, ended up in the hands of the wrong person. PLEASE stop focusing on the things my fiancé did wrong and focus on what he did right, I'M ALIVE! I was able to wake up the next day and enjoy the rest of the festival and now I get to go back home and be reunited with my incredible family, my beautiful doggies and my silly pony!Edit: (from Adam, Loren fiancé ) Please can everyone be aware. If a person is losing consciousness chocking on their own vomit then you can not leave their side for 1 second. I had no phone signal. The first aid tent was over a 10 minute walk away (Leeds fest need to address that and have 1 per camp site) if you shout while a person is in this state you will panic them further making them harder to manage. So let's recap. No phone signal to call for help. No professional medics around. No way of shouting for help. Can't leave her side. So what can you actually do? Not much but use the first aid training you have. Which was provided by the NHS I could've possibly attempted to dial 999 although I had no signal, but how would I been able to of described what tent we were in out of the 1000's that were in purple camp? I ONLY RECORDED THIS VIDEO TO SHOW LOREN HOW BAD OF A STATE SHE WAS IN SO SHE DIDN'T HAVE A PANIC ATTACK WHEN WAKING UP AND REALISING SHE DIDN'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL HAD HAPPENED AND SHE DECIDED TO POST IT ONLINE, NOT FOR A SYMPATHY VOTE, NOT TO MAKE OUT IM SOME SORT OF HERO, BUT TO SPREAD AWARENESS OF HOW DANGEROUS SPIKING DRINKS IS! Stop being so naive when writing these comments of oh should've got an ambulance. All they would do would be to give an IV the same!!' As plying them with bottles of water and getting them to drink constantly!! I have first aid training I've dealt with similar things in the past. Got checked out by medical tent in the morning once loren was able to. They said they'd have just done the same. And thanked me. Stop being keyboard warriors looking for criticism and share this to make awareness

Gepostet von Loren Collins am Sonntag, 27. August 2017