Na porodu doživjela iznenađenje
Foto: Pixabay

Majka je doživjela iznenađenje života na svom porodu na kojem je očekivala dolazak treće kćerkice.

Nancy je detalje o trećoj trudnoći dijelila na svom profilu na Instagramu radujući se dolasku trećeg djeteta koje je trebalo biti “tatina treća princeza”.

Cijelo vrijeme misleći da očekuje treću djevojčicu Nancy je otišla na porod, a tamo je doživjela najveće iznenađenje u životu.

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What a crazy few days it's been! An image from @nancyray 's birth has gone viral (check out my stories or scroll back on my feed to see) and it's been non stop – emails and calls from news outlets, Nancy has done video interviews for television, the works! This image was taken just moments before they realized their girl was a boy. Will and Nancy were basking in that sweet newborn bliss. 🌿 I love how birth photography captures and freezes all of this! The crazy, rare moments when you realize you have a surprise boy and the more common ones that you don't want to ever end. I love that sweet Beaufort has such an amazing birth story and that we have it all captured in photos! #ljpbirths

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Nevjerojatan trenutak kada je shvatila da je rodila dječaka umjesto djevojčice zabilježila je fotografkinja Lauren Jolly Thomas. Pored majčinog velikog iznenađenja, suprug je čak otkrio bebicu kako bi se uvjerio da su ipak dobili sina.

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So apparently this photo is going a bit viral, but most don’t know the full story! So in case you missed it, here it is in a nutshell! April 14: Surprise! I’m pregnant! June 9: You’re having your third girl! We were gender surprised with our first two babies but my husband insisted to know if he was having three girls so he could mentally prepare haha! December 8: Snow and ice storm shuts down raleigh. I am positive I’ll give birth without electricity at home. Thankfully that did not happen. December 10: Baby girl is due December 12: I get the stomach bug all day & my husband is diagnosed with 2 strains of the flu that night (and let me just say puking while 40w2d pregnant is a unique kind of awful) December 13: I drive to the birth center with intense contractions with my mom at 11am and meet my hubby there (he spent the night at his moms because #flu). Two hours later, my baby was born with me halfway in the tub! 15 minutes later, we went to cut the chord and I said… “WHAT IS THAT?!? Is this a boy baby!!? Indeed, it was a boy! 🤣💙 My husband @willrray quickly lifted his leg to check and then proceeded to literally fall on the floor. (The picture above is him checking!) I will forever advocate for birth photography because this is one of my very favorite photos of all time. Thank you @laurenjollyphoto !! 💕 #beaufortandmama #beaufortraytoday Full blogpost is in a link in my profile with all the pics from that day!

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“Ovo je definitivno jedna od mojih najomiljenijih slika u životu”, napisala je majka Nancy u opisu ove nevjerojatne fotografije.